Getting Started

How do I get started with Accelerate? Accelerate allows you to control video playback primarily using keyboard shortcuts. The following controls are available, with default keys listed in parentheses:
  • Speed up (D)
  • Slow down (S)
  • Reset to default speed (R)
  • Toggle to preferred speed (A)
  • Show current playback speed (V)
  • Play/pause
  • Skip forward/backward
  • Skip to the end, e.g., skip ads
  • Mute
  • Picture-in-Picture

These shortcuts can be modified in Accelerate's preferences, where you can create additional shortcuts. You can also right-click on a video to adjust playback speed or use the toolbar item to toggle to your preferred speed.

Which preferences can I configure in Accelerate? You can access Accelerate's preferences by opening the Accelerate application; for example, from the Finder, Launchpad, or Spotlight. Here are the options configurable under the General tab:
  • Show controls in right-click menu to speed up, slow down, or toggle preferred/default speed after right-clicking on a webpage with video.
  • Show notification for general playback shortcuts after using Accelerate to play/pause, skip forward/backward, skip to the end, mute, and toggle Picture-in-Picture. This option does not affect notifications for changing playback speed.
  • The notification location on the webpage after controlling video playback with Accelerate. You can also disable all notifications by setting this to "None".
  • The default playback speed for videos to start playing at. Videos normally play at 1x speed by default.
  • The preferred playback speed to switch to via keyboard shortcut, toolbar item, or right-click menu option.
  • The speed change interval to change by when speeding up or slowing down playback.
  • The skip interval (in seconds) to change by when skipping forward or skipping back.

After making changes to your preferences, refresh any currently open webpages to update.

How do I configure shortcuts in Accelerate? Open up Accelerate's preferences and switch to the Shortcuts tab. Here you can configure two kinds of shortcuts to trigger each control option:
  • Single-key shortcuts, which require a single key press on the keyboard. Configure these by typing the corresponding letter key in the textfield directly to the right of each option.
  • Modifier-key shortcuts, which require pressing a combination of regular and modifier keys, like command (⌘) or control (⌃). Configure these by clicking "Record Shortcut" to the right of the textfields.

After making changes to your shortcuts, refresh any currently open webpages to update.

Which websites work with Accelerate? Accelerate works on any website using HTML5 video, which includes most modern sites like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, Vimeo, and Facebook. Accelerate does not support Flash video.

Troubleshooting Issues

Why aren't my updated keyboard shortcuts or preferences working? After you make changes to any of Accelerate's preferences, refresh any currently open websites to see the updates. If the changes still aren't showing, try restarting Safari.
Why isn't Accelerate enabled/working for me?
  1. Check that the extension is enabled by opening Safari's extension preferences: Safari > Preferences > Extensions. In the sidebar on the left, make sure the checkbox next to "Accelerate" is checked.
  2. If Accelerate is already enabled, try unchecking the checkbox and restarting Safari. Once Safari re-opens, re-enable Accelerate.
  3. If it is still not working, try deleting and reinstalling.
  4. If you continue to have issues, feel free to email me.
Why can't I use right-click controls on Netflix or some other site? Netflix and certain other sites block users from accessing the right-click menu. There are some Safari extensions that can prevent sites from doing this, but otherwise you'll have to use the keyboard shortcuts or toolbar item for controls.
Why aren't playback controls working properly on Netflix or some other site? The site is probably using a custom video player that modifies the standard playback control behavior. For example, the Netflix video player will sometimes freeze when skipping forward or backward using Accelerate. As a result, your own playback keyboard shortcuts might not work perfectly, and you'll have to use theirs to ensure a smooth experience.
Why does the video briefly lag after changing speed or skipping? By default, videos in Safari pause for a split second anytime the user adjusts playback, such as when changing speed or skipping forward. You may notice this behavior on videos even without Accelerate; for example, when using a website's integrated controls for a video. Since this is a result of Safari's video processing, this issue currently cannot be fixed by Accelerate.
Why does the audio quality degrade at higher speeds? This is unfortunately a limitation of Safari's pitch correction algorithm when processing videos. This issue can be observed when changing the video speed using other methods apart from Accelerate; for example, when using YouTube's built in settings for playback speed.
What can I do if Accelerate does not work on or is breaking a certain website? If a certain website is not compatible with Accelerate, you can add the website's domain to Accelerate's blocklist to prevent the extension from running on it. Feel free to also send me an email to let me know about the issue.


Can I use Accelerate for Safari on iPhone or iPad? Due to Apple's limitations on mobile Safari, it is not currently possible to bring Accelerate to these devices. If you're looking for a simple solution to change video speed on iPhone and iPad, you can use a bookmarklet, which is just a bookmark that runs JavaScript code when you "open" it. The following bookmarklet will show an alert allowing you to enter a new speed value. Create a new bookmark in Safari on any website, and replace the bookmark URL with the following code:

What if I have a different question or feedback? Feel free to send me any other questions, comments, feedback, or bug reports via email.
Created by Ritam Sarmah